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1. What kind of photography do you specialize in? Please provide a short description of your site with the name of your business and geographic location:

*Example: Jane Dovercourt is a landscape and travel photographer based in Toronto.A

Julian Watt is an advertising and corporate photographer based in Sydney, Australia

2. What type of scrolling/visual layout do you want for you site?

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  • Staggered
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I like the look of Industry. However, sometimes I want to show a series of images from a campaign or story

3. What color of background would you like for your site?

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My logo color is #d8732d. I was thinking a complementary color for the background but slightly desaturated

4. Would you like an image logo or text logo? Please fill in the text or upload your image logo below.

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Fill in desired logo text here.

5. Please fill in sample "About Me" statement or add in your original text below.

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About Me

ʻJulian is gold, silver, bronze and over thirty finalists at one show, Clio, Cannes, D&AD, London internationals, New York Festivals, Communication Arts, Adfest and a hand full of non-international awards shows, that's just on work I've had the pleasure of producing with him. He's also an awesome smart, super talented image maker who gets it. I miss working with him, it's been too long. since I moved from asia to the states we haven't had the opportunity for obvious reasons but I look forward to that day!ʼ - Craig Smith, Creative, New York.

Julian is an established, conceptual advertising photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Clients work with him because he’s versatile, a wizard with light, has never had to do a reshoot and always make it look easy.

He rolls with the punches and doesn’t get flustered. His productions are often large scale, but he also enjoys smaller more flexible creative briefs.

6. Please provide the contact information that you would like listed on your Contact Page.

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  • Name or Business name Julian Watt Photography
  • Phone number (61) 0419 212106
  • Email
  • Address 29 Innes Rd, Greenwich, NSW 2065, Australia
  • Other

7. If you have multiple galleries of images, what style of navigation would you like on your site?

  • Image navigation/Collection page (recommended for mobile performance).
  • Drop down menu/sub menu folder.
  • Any other notes about your desired navigation? (specify)

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A menu is crucial but happy to be guided here.

8. IMAGES - Please add your images to the slideshow(s) below. Use one slideshow for each gallery of images you would like on your site. Title the slideshow with the title you would like used for that gallery.

* You only need to use as many galleries as you would like.

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